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Energylive is a multi-dimensional and versatile company focusing on making alternative & cheap solar solutions for the Pakistani market which are very cheap and modified. Some of these items are very expensive if imported from Overseas. On the other hand, the same solution developed by Energylive is less expensive and can be modified according to requirements. Similarly, a weather station from a European company is very expensive while the solution developed by Energylive is less expensive and can be modified.
The cloud of Energylive is very versatile as it has options to show the data from multiple inverters like Huawei, Fronius, SMA, Solis, Growatt, etc. This cloud will be a platform for the data from all the inverters and it will be easy to compare the data from different inverters at a single stop.

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This controller’s main function is combining the outputs of the solar system and Generators with the grid. Diesel generators and photovoltaic technology can be combined in perfect harmony. Although these technologies have rarely been in demand by the same users in the past, combining them has now become extremely beneficial technically and ecologically. The entire system is controlled effortlessly by the PV system controller. With the PV-Genset Easy solution, photovoltaic systems can be integrated into existing diesel systems quickly and easily. The solution is optimized for low-voltage applications with one diesel generator.


Most of the inverters which are available in the local market don’t have a remote monitoring option. These inverters are usually installed at the domestic level in the Pakistani Market. Now since these inverters don’t have the capability of logging data and don’t have any provision of online monitoring, clients are mostly unaware of how the system is performing, how the solar system is benefiting him, how much energy he is consuming from the grid and how much energy he is getting from the solar, what is the battery charge level and how much battery is consuming energy from both solar and Grid to charge itself.


Solar panels come from many sources around the world, and their quality varies between manufacturers and product batches. The installation quality depends also on the installer’s competence. In short, the best way to prove that the solar panel installation is delivered free of defects is the thermal imaging analysis of the site installation. The thermal imaging report is meant to protect both the customer and the contractor.

  •  Solar-Panels Survey
  •  Detect Defected Panel
  •  Thermal Imaging
  •  Monitoring System
All-in-One Li-ion Solution

This solution is termed as Smart Energy Management Solution. Engineers at Energylive are brainstorming to develop a similar product with more features. This product will have a solar inverter with integrated BMS and Li-ion Battery. Solar panels will be plugged into the inverter and the product will start producing energy.

Cloud-Based O&M System with SOS Provision 

Most solar service-providing companies don’t have any well-defined and specified Operations and Maintenance systems for after-sales services. Energylive is developing a cloud-based O&M system that will have the data of all the clients. 

Battery Management System (BMS)

A battery management system (BMS) is any electronic system that manages a rechargeable battery such as, protecting the battery from operating outside its safe operating area, monitoring its state, calculating secondary data, reporting that data, controlling its environment, authenticating it and balancing it.

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I am happy to share my positive experience with the PV genset controller product. As a customer who has used this product, I can say that it has exceeded my expectations in terms of functionality and ease of use. First and foremost, I appreciate the product's ability to efficiently manage both the solar panels and the diesel genset. It ensures that the battery is always charged and ready to power my home or business, while also minimizing fuel consumption and reducing emissions.
Abdul Rehman
The controller allows for seamless integration between my solar panels and generator, providing me with uninterrupted power supply even during power outages. The product's advanced monitoring system also enables me to track my energy consumption and make adjustments to ensure optimal performance.
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I recently had the pleasure of using PV genset controller products for my solar power system and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed! The PV genset controller not only manages the flow of energy between the solar panels and the generator but also optimizes the performance of the entire system. Installation was a breeze thanks to the clear and concise instructions provided with the product. The controller has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to set up and adjust settings to meet my specific needs.
M Umair

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